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British Western Red Cedar Timberclad Finished Channel Cladding

A smart looking finish with a definite shadow defining the individual boards.

Our Timberclad British Western Red Cedar Channel profile is unique to us. The profile and brush sanded finish makes it easy to fit with a more uniform and contemporary look.
The process removes the softer areas of the surface revealing the harder summer wood which highlights the natural grain of the timber.
The resulting surface is harder which is less susceptible to wear, with the sanded textured surface taking finishes more uniformly.

Used horizontally or vertically it will look great when it has gone silver grey or treated to maintain its colour with Cedar Oil.

*British grown timber has knots, only 15-20% will have the odd dead knot.

140mm x 19mm x 3.6m

with 130mm Cover
  • £3.19 Per Linear Metre
  • £24.56 Square Metre
  • Ex VAT

140mm x 19mm x 2.4m

with 130mm Cover
  • £3.19 Per Linear Metre
  • £24.56 Square Metre
  • Ex VAT

140mm x 19mm

Random lengths 1.6m - 3.6m with 130mm cover
£6.41/linear metre
  • £49.36 Square Metre
  • Ex VAT

Imported Red Cedar Channel Cladding

A modern variation on PTGV where the V joint is replaced with a 5mm rebate.

Used vertically this cladding will provide a smart looking facade with strong shadow lines creating a cool contemporary feel.

For use horizontally although could be used vertically or diagonally.

Imported Red Grandis Cladding

Red Grandis is a versatile, fast-growing hardwood. This plantation-grown wood is relatively uniform in color with slight variations from pale to medium pink. The attractive, moderately coarse grain pattern is predominantly straight but in some cases may be slightly interlocked. It is similar in hardness, density and grain texture to mahogany and cherry. The heartwood is durable and resistant to insects, with durability and dimensional stability similar to sapele, cherry or hard maple.

 Red Grandis is plantation-grown in areas of Uruguay – South America

 Red Grandis is a premium quality hardwood.  It performs well in exterior applications such as decking,fencing & cladding.

109mm x 22mm

Random lengths 2.8m – 3.4m with 100mm cover
£4.30/linear metre
  • £43.70 Square Metre

  • Ex VAT  


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