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Part of the Co2 Timber group timberclad.co.uk is dedicated to British Larch click here for details about British Larch.We continually researching products and timber to add to our our Co2 Timber family of timbers. And we are very excited to start to restocking British Larch after a number of years where demand was low. It's popular and versatile timber with a Class 4 durability rating.

It's has always be our policy to supply timber that is sustainable and long lasting we like to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and encourage sustainable practices. FSC Forest Stewardship Council.

We take our responsibility to the environment and its sustainability seriously. We have a duty to produce products that has the smallest carbon footprint possible. We strive to look after our planet as best we can, we are constantly assessing our products and suppliers, to make sure we keep our raw material and working practice as close as possible to produce 0% carbon, impossible possible we know but it's better for us all to try.

We liaise with forest owners, Architects, suppliers and our valuable customers, this gives us the ability to realise and promote the relevant environmental issues relevant to sustainable timber.

We offer no obligation free quotes and samples.

We can deliver locally and nationally or you can collect your order direct from our factory.

Please contact us for prices, free samples or information.

Meet the our Co2 Timber Family:-

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Co2 Timber primarily specializing in UK grown Western Red Cedar, but can supply British Larch and British Douglas fir, a full range of profile cladding, and fencing, flooring etc.

Co2 Redwood Co2Timber Logo

Co2 Larch Dedicated to Siberian Larch, a range of profile cladding and flooring and decking, fencing.

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Co2 Cedar Dedicated to Imported Canadian Red Cedar a range of profile cladding, fencing.

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Co2 Grandis Dedicated to Red Grandis Hardwood, flooring and Decking, Rainscreen cladding, fencing.

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Co2 Balau Dedicated to imported Balau hardwood, decking and flooring, and cladding.

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Timberclad Dedicated to British Larch cladding and fencing.

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Co2 Thermoltimber heat treating Finnish grown pine and spruce, for cladding.

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Co2 Douglas Fir American softwood, for cladding.

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Co2 Scandinavian Redwood softwood, for cladding and fencing.

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