Feather Edge Cladding

British Western Red Cedar Feather Edge

Our Feather edge cladding comes from locally grown selected trees, the sawn planks are graded to meet the performance you require. They are then sticked each layer and stacked to air dry. They are then taken into our work shop to be put through the planer to regularise the size (as you know local sawmills churn out any size!) and brush sanded.


Feather Edge is a very traditional cladding. It is simply a sawn board cut on the diagonal to produce a tapered board that is over lapped when fitted, similar to roof tiles.

Points to consider:

1. When fitting you must dictate the overlap
2. Fixings will need to be considerably longer and the length is set by the thickness of overlap and batten thickness. Care should be taken not to split the board at the edges.
3. Using our corner posts, these will need to be fitted to cover the cladding.
4. Insect mesh should be used at the top and bottom of the cladding but with Feather Edge this is not particularly effective because of the void in the overlap. Consideration should be given to fill the void.
5. The bottom board will need a tilting fillet to kick the lowest part of the board out. The top board will need the upper most strip cut off to maintain the gauge (the visible part of the cladding) this strip can be used as the tilting fillet.
6. When fitting the cladding check the growth rings curve away from the build, this will pull the board against the build when dry.

We would strongly recommend Rebated Feather edge to overcome these problems.

150mm x 19mm x 7mm x 3.6m

  • £2.85 Per Linear Metre
  • £21.95 Per Square Metre
  • Excluding VAT

200mm x 24mm x 6mm x 3.6

  • £3.21 Per Linear Metre
  • £19.26 Per Square Metre
  • Excluding VAT

If you are struggling to make a decision about your cladding – The look, the price, the finish and the fitting – Why not call in and see us? Might be worth a call to check we are there as we work off site sometimes.
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Typical Section Of Horizontal Cladding


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