Hardwood Red Grandis & Imported Western Red Cedar Fencing

We are proud to offer our range of quality contemporary timber fencing in Red Grandis and Western Red Cedar. Red Grandis which is praised as a premium quality hardwood with significantly less knots, and is cheaper than much of our imported Western Red Cedar.

Siberian Larch Fencing

Red Grandis Fencing

Western Red Cedar Fencing

68mm x 21mm x 1.9m

(Planed Square Edge)
  • 68mm x 21mm x 1.9m
  • Planed Square Edge
  • Excluding VAT

Siberian Larch Fencing

Siberian larch fencing, or Larix Sibircia, is a tough and resinous timber, and one of the hardest commercially available softwood species. This hard-wearing wood with it’s durable qualities makes Larch the timber of choice for a number of applications including exterior fencing as its a lot more resilient to knocks, scrapes and scratches compared to many other woods.

After installation the Siberian larch timber can be allowed to weather naturally and over time it will achieve a uniform grey appearance. However, if that is not the finish you are after then check out our Accessories page as we have a range of finishing oils perfect for Siberian larch fencing. Currently available in a planed square edge profile perfect for a modern, rainscreen style slatted fence.

The natural durability combined with independently verified environmental credentials has encouraged architects to specify this timber when maintenance free, long-lasting fencing is required.

Red Grandis Fencing

Red Grandis is a high-grade timber thats growing in popularity as its able to deliver a consistent appearance, grain and workability. This is an all purpose hardwood suitable for all of your needs, making it an ideal choice for fencing or cladding.

 Red Grandis is a versatile, fast-growing hardwood. This plantation-grown wood is relatively uniform in colour with slight variations from pale to medium pink. The attractive, moderately coarse grain pattern is predominantly straight but in some cases may be slightly interlocked. It is similar in hardness, density and grain texture to mahogany and cherry. The heartwood is durable and resistant to insects, with durability and dimensional stability similar to Sapele, Cherry or Hard Maple.

Red Grandis is plantation-grown in areas of Uruguay – South America

Red Grandis is a premium quality hardwood. It performs well in exterior applications such as decking,fencing & cladding.
Our planed Decking and Fencing is planed all round (PAR) to a fine finish with a small radius on each corner.Red Grandis has very few knots and planes to a smooth finish.

When fitting the use of a spacer is not recommended, use a method called ‘Running Measurements’ – Use a tape measure to strike off every 50mm or 100mm. This will ensure that you will be within a pencil line thickness and not gain any error.

Use our Torx head screws for fixing as they have a very small head and the oil to add UV protection and create that smart finish.

46mm x 22mm

Planed Square Edge
£1.52/linear metre
  • 46 x 22 x 1.83 – £2.78
  • 46 x 22 x 2.13m – £3.25
  • 46 x 22 x 2.44m – £3.62
  • 46 x 22 x 2.74m – £4.14
  • 46 x 22 x 3.05m – £4.63
  • 46 x 22 x 3.35m – £5.10
  • 46 x 22 x 3.6m – £5.47
  • Per m2 based on a 7mm gap – £28.67

68mm x 22mm

Planed Square Edge
£2.16/linear metre
  • 68 x 22 x 2.13m – £4.61
  • 68 x 22 x 2.44m – £5.27
  • 68 x 22 x 2.74m – £5.92
  • 68 x 22 x 3.05m – £6.59
  • 68 x 22 x 3.35m – £7.25
  • 68 x 22 x 3.6m – £7.78
  • Per m2 based on a 7mm gap – £28.72

109mm x 22mm

Planed Square Edge
£4.50/linear metre
  • 109 x 22 x 2.13m – £9.60
  • 109 x 22 x 2.44m – £10.98
  • 109 x 22 x 2.74m – £12.35
  • 109 x 22 x 3.05m – £13.72
  • 109 x 22 x 3.35m – £15.00
  • 109 x 22 x 3.6m – £16.20
  • 109 x 22 x 3.7m – £16.64
  • Per m2 based on a 7mm gap – £38.70

Western Red Cedar Fencing

Well known for its rich grain and vibrant colours, Western Red Cedar is a favourite for many who wish to add a focal point, dividing screen or rejuvenating their perimeter fencing. As a softwood, Western Red Cedar is ideal for cladding, fencing, hot tub and swimming pool decking, not suitable for standard decking due to its low density where it would be easy to mark.

With excellent stability and durability this long-lasting timber will age gracefully and last for many years.

 We provide both Imported and British Western Red Cedar which botanically are the same species of tree although the British is generally paler in colour, faster growing and contains more knots making it not suitable for smaller sections.

Imported Western Red Cedar Fencing

19mm x 140mm x 2.4m (rainscreen)
  • 19mm x 140mm x 3.6m = £23.08 + VAT

British Western Red Cedar Fencing

19mm x 140mm x 2400 (Rainscreen)
  • 19mm x 140mm x 3600 = £12.45 + VAT

Red Grandis Fencing

109mm x 22mm (rainscreen)
£4.30/linear metre
  • 109mm x 22mm
  • Available in random lengths
  • £4.30 + VAT per Linear Metre

We also have a range of tongue & groove and other profiles which are suitable for external fencing, just take a look at our Shiplap, Rebated Feather Edge and Channel Cladding >

If you are struggling to make a decision about your fencing – The look, the price, the finish and the fitting – Why not call in and see us? Might be worth a call to check we are there as we work off site sometimes.
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Trims, Corner Posts, Fixings and Cedar Oil are all available from Timberclad accessories to make sure your fencing looks stunning.