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Red Grandis – Hardwood Cladding Without The Hassle

Red Grandis has proven to be a very popular choice for decking and cladding experts, alongside British Western Red Cedar and Imported Western Red Cedar. This pale-to-pink hardwood is attractive and has a usual straight-grain pattern with minor exceptions. Many people compare it to cherry, cedar wood and mahogany because it has similar properties in terms of density, grain texture and hardness. However, they are not entirely the same, or equal, as we will find out in our mini-guide on Red Grandis.

The Origins And Uses Of Red Grandis

Although native to the east coast of Australia, Red Grandis is also grown in countries such as Uruguay, Brazil, New Zealand and South Africa. It is a fast-growing timber and a favorite among Koalas – as well as cladding and decking experts of course. Red Grandis is grown in a very environmentally friendly way, plantations often strategically plant them out of the way so when it comes to cutting them down, they do not disturb nearby wildlife.

Red Grandis has one of the most diverse uses from all of the hardwoods. It can be converted into internal and external items such as cladding, Red Grandis decking, Red Grandis fencing, cabinets, furniture, doors, windows, millwork, flooring and more. Its versatility stems from its excellent strength, dimensional stability and resisting properties.

Red Grandis Cladding

The Benefits Of Red Grandis


Using Red Grandis in cladding, decking and the other aforementioned situations comes with a lot of benefits. Here are the most significant benefits of this beautiful hardwood:

  • It is exceptionally durable and an excellent alternative to hard maple or cherry
  • The wood is resistant to decay and insects
  • It has a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications
  • The straight knot-free grain of the wood and its overall brighter consistency means it is highly applicable with a range of paints, stains and other finishes
  • Its consistent pale-ish rose colour offers a lucrative aesthetic
  • This timber originates from the southern hemisphere and only takes around 20 years to grow, making it an environmentally-friendlier option than other popular options

Red Grandis Vs. Western Red Cedar

One of the closest competitors to Red Grandis is Canadian Western Red Cedar. This is because both kinds of wood have similar properties and offer many of the same benefits. Yet, Red Grandis may be the preferred choice in many instances as Western Red Cedar is a softwood and not really suitable for hard wearing uses such as decking. Many people also prefer the aesthetics of Red Grandis over other hardwoods, as well as often being a more wallet-friendly and environmentally-friendly option. Red Grandis and a range of other hardwood options can be a great choice in the production of many different products. Yet, when it comes to cladding sometimes it just comes down to taste.

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